Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ASCII Portal

I guess everyone remembers the Portal game, released by Valve a few years ago. It had a new concept, impeccable graphics and a probably the most mischievous villain. Now, indie games creator Joe Larson has created a remake of Poral - ASCII Portal. Yes, you read well, the gamegraphics are... ASCII characters. No models, textures or anything you might expect from a game, just plain coloured characters. As in the original, you can open portals (using The Spacebar), push objects, use momentum... What you can't do is jump, but that's only to make the game more interesting, don't worry. The game is interesting, unique and quite lenghty. A very welcomed remake.

+ weird, but nice choice in graphics
+ many levels
+ mindbending puzzles
+ available for all platforms (Linux too)

- the character movement is a bit laggy
- no skip available

Download it on Cymon's Games

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