Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crazy over goo

First of all, you're a spongy-butter-goo controlled with the mouse - you can hop toward it. Your goal is to reach the flag in every level, but doing that is not as easy as it sounds. This puzzle-platformer requires fine control and sometimes timing, because it has many gameplay elements that'll make the job harder. Sticky areas, spikes, bouncy platforms and switches are only a few surprises that you'll encounter. After playing only a few levels  you are sure to become "crazy over goo". If you get stuck on one level, you can skip it - you get a decent number of skips. In addition to official leves you can play user created ones, or even create a level yourself.

+ 50 levels of goo-throwing-fun, enough even for hardcore goo throwers
+ throwing a goo ball here and there is awesome!
+ it has puzzle elements for your brain muscles

- the resolution is inadequate (hit F4 to see for yourself)
- there are a few annoying levels

Download it from here
Check it on YoyoGames to play it online via their plugin (thoug I don't recommend it due to its slowness)

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