Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tortuga 3

The third part of the Tortuga series and probably the lengthiest. The game has the same nice graphics as the previous ones, but it has been improved in many ways. There are way more areas to explore, many objects, most of which are actually useful and there is an area where you can see 360 degrees wide. The story is the same: you try to escape from the pirates, this time you also want to steal their flag. In my opinion, this should be the last of the Tortuga series, but its creators think differently - there's a sequel scheduled, another one...

+ many explorable areas
+ nice graphics
+ it's available for download

- this pirate story is getting boring
- some puzzles are illogical
- the inventory sometimes blocks the playable area, making objects hard to spot

Play it on PastelGames

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