Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm sure you all know World of Goo, one of the best indie games out there. However, you may not know its story: it began as a short project published on the Experimental Gameplay site. Now, one of the two guys behind World of Goo released another weird, yet beautiful game - Sunshine. You are in control of a continuously growing plant and you have to help it reach the skies. Nothing weird so far... but then you start seeing people falling out of nowhere. You can grow flowers by looping people. Looping air is quite useful too, because it's your only chance of avoiding falling rocks, that destroy all your flowers. Although it's short, this game is charming and addictive. Kyle Gabler did a wonderful work... I hope this will evolve in a longer game, as it happened to Tower of Goo.

+ gloomy and beautiful graphics
+ perfect atmosphere
+ innovative gameplay

- it should have had levels

Download it here

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