Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Record Tripping

Record Tripping is a wonderful and original game which begins with scratching a record. The first thing you'll do is listen to an "Alice in Wonderland" record and realise that you can make it go forward or backward simply by scrolling up or down. You can also slow it down by holding the left click. Soon, you can see that you actually have the ability to alter time itself and you use this power to play through 5 beautiful stages. The gameplay is innovative and perhaps the nicest thing about this game is the great artwork. Every little detail is photoshopped  carefully, making the game a pleasure to look at. The music is great too, considering the soundtrack comes from Gorrilaz, Spoon, Beck and Death Cab for Cutie. Overall, this game is strange, friendly and unexpectedly fresh and the world of Alice is the perfect setting for it.

+ new and very good concept
+ great graphics
+ weird and friendly atmosphere

- a bit too short

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