Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Addicsjon is a game about junkies. To put it clearer: your character is a drug addict who wants to get every pill he sets eyes on. You might think that you're not responsible for the heath and welfare of games' characters, but when they stop obeying, you've got a problem. Your junky is so desperate that you will hardly be able to control him. When he is close to a pill (or to humans) he will simply try to get it. The more pills he ingests the harder it becomes for you to control him. The screen gets dizzy and people turn into weird purple creatures...The game has only 5 levels, but I think they're enough.

+ original (and annoying) idea
+ simple graphics
+ somehow nice effect after you finish the game and return to your stable desktop

- a bit too hard

Download it here

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