Monday, October 12, 2009

Harvey Tumblestump Episode 1

Harvey Tumblestump Episode 1 is an old-styled platformer. You play as Harvey, a pixelated adventurer who finds himself wondering around in a cave full of dangerous things. Like all respectable adventurers, you posses a gun and have great agility. Unfortunately, you don't have a big flashlight and the cave is quite dark, so you have to take leaps of faith quite often. At every step, be prepared to shoot - bats and bears are everywhere! The game is quite nice, although it sometimes requires tight controls. The only major drawback is the fact that there is no SAVE option. There are a few checkpoints along the way, but no one can seriously expect us to play and finish the game in one try.

+ nice graphics
+ classical setting and art

- no save option, major nono

Play it on ArmorGames

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