Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lint and the Moss series

The Moss game was created in 2008 by a student programmer hoping to make some money out of his hobby. With a greenish blob as character the game enjoyed great success and now we can even talk about a Moss series, which is made up of 4 fluid platformers: Moss, Moss 2, Umbross and, the latest, Lint. All of these games have a simple purpose: to guide your blob as quickly as possible to the exit. The lower the time the bigger the chance that you get on the score board.
The first Moss has no background music, no sound effects at all and the artwork is as simple as it gets. However, the colors of the background are very pleasant and the control scheme is very good. Every level is handcrafted and, besides the usual platforms, there are a few unique elements: a teleportor, a giant fan, a moving bridge...
Moss 2 is improved: the game has a music that fits perfectly, a mute button and reset one. There are dark places, more switches, a low gravity area, slippery platforms and other new elements.
The third game, Umbross, is quite probably the best of the series. You no longer play with the green blob, but with its cousin, a black creature from the land of Oss. The background is dark and mysterious and the music creates a gloomy atmosphere. There are collectible orbs that can turn back the time, multiple paths to choose from and more gameplay elements than in the previous games. It's the first Moss game where spikes, falling platforms and cannons are introduced. But what's really good about it is the changed control scheme. You no longer have to hold the [up] key and press [right] or [left] to climb a wall, but the other way around. The controlls are so natural they're almost perfect.
Lint is the latest game of the series, a little longer than the others, but I don't really like "gray" artwork. Lint is not a blob, as the other characters; she's a blob with moving feet! It's quite cute to see her walking... This game requires more timing and it is more challenging.
As you have probably noticed, the Moss games have become better and better. The things that stayed the same are the simple graphics and the fluidity of the gameplay, which I think is a winning combination.

+ nice graphics
+ good atmosphere
+ very fluid control scheme

- too short

Play Moss
Play Moss 2
Play Umbross
Play Lint all on NewGrounds

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