Saturday, October 3, 2009


Machinarium is a point and click adventure game about robots. The most impressive thing about it is that everything is hand drawn, every background, creature or animation. The game feels a little post-apocalyptic, with all the rusty machineries and old robots. The abundance of details combined with the beautiful backgrounds make Machinarium a charming game. The puzzles aren't very hard, although to find usable objects you have to get close to them, which can be frustrating sometimes. There is also a hint book, with one hint available each level. However, to see the hint you must first win a mini-game (quite fun). Now, the least beautiful part about the game: it's not free. The game costs 15 euros, which is quite a lot, considering it only has 30 screens... The demo is available for download, but it is just a teaser - only 3 screens.

+ eye-popping graphics
+ the cute-yet-strange feeling
+ logical puzzles

- the demo is too short
- the whole game is too short

Download the demo here

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