Sunday, December 20, 2009


R.I.F.T is a cute puzzle platformer. You control a robot that is eager to please his hungry creators. In each level you go through a lot of trouble to get a tasty looking cake and feed it to the scientist. The robot can move, jump and grab things with his arms. Besides the usual platforms, electric fences and bolt shooting devices you will also encounter portals. That's right - portals, just like in Valve's game. Through the blue ones you can enter and you'll come jumping right out of the yellow one. It is great as a platformer and the puzzle elements are fitted just right. The only downside to it is that  there is only one free level pack, the others you have to buy from Mochi.

+ nice graphics
+ fun gameplay
+ extra levels on CandyStand

- you have to pay for new level packs
- the controls don't feel quite right

Play it on CandyStand

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