Friday, December 18, 2009


In Tetraform you must protect your planet from evil ships. You start with a small, dead planet, being attacked by a few wandering spacecrafts. They have a strange desire to crash into your planet, so they must be destroyed. You do that by smashing them one into another. This is your primary and most useful power: by clicking on two or more ships you make them attract one another and blow up. The resulting explosions are very pretty and they also give life to your planet and make it evolve (that makes sense). There are dozens  of different enemies... At some point in the game you'll have to start using tactics, because some enemies are more powerful than others and randomly smashing them won't make you successful. The planet has some means of protecting itself too: long spikes can grow out of it, or it can produce a nuclear explosion, turning everything around to ashes. This game is very clever, beautiful too look at and really addicting.

+ great graphics and effects
+ bosses
+ diverse enemies

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